Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Turn Off Mobile Data for Specific Apps on Android

Android users have at their disposal many apps that allow them to restrict background data to certain apps, as well as turn off their background connections from the settings of the device. Here’s how easily this can be done.

1. Tick the magic “Restrict Background Data” box

If you’re on a limited data plan, then you should figure out which apps consume the most data traffic, and this can be done very easy by going to “Settings” and then to “Data Usage” and scroll down. You will see a list of all the apps that have Internet access and how much traffic they make.

In order to turn off the background data for any of the apps in this list, tap on it and at the bottom of the menu that opens, you will find this feature. Also, if you’ve used CyanogenMod Installer to flash the latest custom CyanogenMod ROM, this feature can be also found in the same place.
This approach has the benefit of only restricting background data, but when you open the app, it can still connect to the Internet. Also, this feature allows apps to connect to the Internet in the background when the phone is on a WiFi network, but if you want to restrict both cell and WiFi data, this option will not work and you might want to look towards a dedicated app.

2. Use a dedicated app to restrict mobile data for certain apps

Another way to go about this problem is to use an app that will block mobile data for different apps. There are many apps that offer this functionality, and they can become your best friends when you want to save your data for a longer time. Most of these apps offer the same functionality, having a list of all the apps that need Internet access and two options, one to restrict cell data and one to restrict WiFi connectivity.
If you want to turn off cell data on specific apps, just uncheck the box that corresponds to 3G connectivity and you are all set. The Android apps that allow you to do this are as follows:
Note: Modifying features like restricting cell data usually requires apps that need root access, so be sure to root your device before installing them.
Of course, there are other apps that have this function, but these three were tried and tested by thousands of users (including yours truly) and have proven their functionality time and time again. Also, there are some Automation apps for Android that can offer this functionality.

Source: http://techpp.com/


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